Established in 1984, Solve Communications have a proud and long history in the Australian wireless telecommunications industry, boasting in excess of a 30 year partnership with Telstra – Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. Our introduction to the wide world of mobile telecommunications came right after the tin can era and right before the brick. Some of us will remember when “mobile” was not exactly “mobile”.

Here we are some 30 odd years later and “wow” how things have changed. Your business – not unlike our business – revolves and evolves throughout the changes and challenges of time. Whether it is procurement, support, a simple or a more complex solution you are look for, we have the experience, the knowledge and the capability to guide you through the ever changing telecommunications maze.

Our strategic alignments with leading vendors such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and VMware ensure we offer the best possible products and tailored solutions for all Telstra related telecommunications requirements.

Not only do we offer day to day trouble shooting and provisioning of hardware and accessories, we have the ability to introduce services such as bill management, application integration, device pre-configuration together with MDM support and configuration. We aim to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and advice in order to make an informed decision around their complex telecommunication requirements.